Lance Cairns - NZ cricket folk hero

I was in my early teens when Lance Cairns (father of Chris Cairns) was in his prime for NZ cricket. His 6 sixes off Lillee, Hogg & Macleay in the 2nd WSC final in 82/83 at the MCG is part of NZ's sporting focklore.

He wrote a book published in 1984 called "Give it a Heave!". I recently purchased it off Trademe. I had largely forgotten what a legend he was! Its easy to remember him smashing the ball all over the place, but it was his boomerang inswingers & leg-cutters that made him such an effective international cricketer.

He writes about the tours & characters he met throughout his career, the bizarre incidents (underarm, the Snedden "catch"), the captains he liked/disliked. One thing I found quite bizarre was for such a big man growing up in Picton, he hardly ever played rugby! Hockey was his winter sport. He must have been a frightening prospect hitting a hockey ball! Apparently his driving off the tee in golf was frightening enormous as well!

A very entertaining read!

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