Adventure Cat!

We've got a cat named Limey. We haven't quite figured out if he is incredibly smart...or pretty thick! Despite that he's very naughty & cute!

My girlfriend moved into this house about 8 months ago after selling her old house. Limey was born at that house. Its about 2km away from here.

Limey keeps running back to his old house! (or more particulary the neighbours of his old house). His record for being away is 4 weeks! No matter what we try we can't convince him this is his new home.

This last time he ran away thou he must have been hit by a car, as he turned up at the old place maim. The vet says has a broken pelvis & leg, so he's having surgery on Monday. We have to stop him moving around to much so we have him in a cage at the moment. Heres a piccie of the naughty we fella!

Hoping he will be OK! And the 4-6 weeks he will spend in the cage recovering will convince him that this is home!

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