Retro Computing at its nerdy best

As I guess is patently obvious, I am a bit of a nerd. How nerdy? Well, shameful as it is, I'm collecting computers that I either used or lusted over as a child. Sad but true!

The first computer I ever saw was this baby - the ZX81!

A whopping 1K of RAM! Woo hoo!

My pride & joy is my Tandy 102. You can read more about this fabulous portable computer on my Tandy page.

My most recent purchase is a 8 bitter I lusted over. The Commodore 64!

I use the C64 emulator FrodoPalm on my Palm! Such classic games like Thrust, Uridium, Dropzone & the like. Fabulous stuff! Check out my Tribule to Thrust & HHGTTG C64/Palm page on PalmHeads.

Hope this has brought back some pleasent memories for someone!

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